Stacey's Fishing Club

News - January 2018

Happy New Year!

Stacey's Match Group were on a cold an uninviting New Barlows on November 26th, but some good weights were achieved whilst others struggled badly. Top weights were 43lb, 36lb and 25lb from three different areas of the lake.

More fish stocking was carried out at the end of October, with carp in the two to four pound bracket going into the four main lakes.  500lb went into Soke Road, 400lb into both Old Barlows and Whitehouse, and 200lb into New Barlows. Old Barlows is already showing improved catches with many of the new carp making an appearance.

More bream are also on the way, expected to be in the lakes by the end of December.

Stacey's Charity Events

The Teams-of-4 event across the four main lakes on Sunday June 25th 2017 was a great success, raising over £1,300 for the British Heart Foundation.  Click here to see the note of thanks from the BHF. This match will be repeated in 2018, and is scheduled for June 17th.

The main Charity Match fished on August 13th was again a big success, with almost £1,900 raised on the day for St Michael's Hospice. Sixty three anglers fished across the Stacey's lakes plus Adventure's Willow Pool.  Best weight came from Willow Pool (75lb by Bartosz Recki), but Whitehouse managed to produce a 63lb 8oz winner (Simon Kiefer), Soke Road was won with 50lb 6oz (Colin Thomas), and New Barlows was won by Kevin Roberts with 30lb 8oz.  Old Barlows was the most difficult on the day with Steve Davis only needing a 12lb 4oz bag to come out on top.

Next year's main Charity event will be fished across all lakes on Sunday August 12th 2018.

Diamond Quality Care Services

....... are a group that supports the rehabilitation of people who have suffered serious head injuries.  They are being allowed to fish Stacey's waters on Tuesdays through the summer, and are looking for volunteers to help out on the day.  Again, if you would like to help or can provide some fishing tackle, please contact Keith Brown.