Stacey's Fishing Club

Whitehouse Farm

Well established lake situated next to Tadley Market containing a good head of carp and bream, along with tench, roach and a few perch. There is now a padlock on the gate onto the island at Whitehouse. The code to open this padlock is the same as the one you use for the main gates onto the lakes as notified on your permit. Please make sure that you lock the gate when leaving the island after fishing.

Soke Road

This venue consists of three connected small lakes holding a good head of mixed fish of all sizes.  The major bank work carried out a couple of years ago has now blended in well, and the multiple restockings have significantly improved results at this venue.  Carp are now the main target here, although there are some bream, particularly in Lake 1 which is deeper than the others.


The New Lake regularly produces good carp into double figures, along with barbel, tench, big bream and skimmers, plus assorted smaller fish. The Old Lake tends to fish better for pleasure anglers, with good bags of carp, bream and tench regularly caught.

Both lakes have been extensively restocked in recent years, with an emphasis on big bream, carp and roach.

Match Bookings

As you will be aware, all of our lakes are closed from time to time for matches.  Wherever possible, we will keep at least one water open each Sunday for members to visit. The revenue taken from these matches enables the cost of your membership ticket to be kept as low as possible, so please try to be understanding, and check in advance to see if your chosen venue is available on the day.  We will endeavour to keep the bookings shown on this website up-to-date, so for details of current lake bookings, please click on the appropriate "Bookings" button at the top left of this page.  Wherever possible, signs will also be put up on venue gates a week in advance.

Night Fishing

Only allowed at Whitehouse Farm and Soke Road by special arrangement with the club secretary.