Stacey's Fishing Club

Assorted pictures from our lakes - most recent first - please scroll down to see them all:

17lb 5oz carp caught on the surface from Soke Road - April 2011

Terry Booth with a 13lb Common Carp from Soke Road - August 2010

Joseph Hunt with a November Tench of 5lb 8oz.

George with 18lb Mirror Carp from Whitehouse - September 2008

Emma with a fifteen pound carp from Whitehouse

Emma with an eleven and a half pound common carp from Whitehouse

Charlie Hayes with 4lb 5oz Crucian from New Barlows - Summer 2008

Ralph Seddon with 4lb 3oz Crucian Carp from New Barlows - Summer 2008

3lb 1oz Crucian caught by Ralph - October 2007

14lb Carp from New Barlows by Deane Punter - June 5th 2007

Bob Sturgess with a 9lb 8oz Grass Carp caught on February 18th 2007 from Whitehouse.

New Barlows : 13lb12oz carp caught at Swallowfield match on November 19th 2006.

5lb 14oz Tench caught from New Barlows on a cold November day - 03/11/2006.

2lb 13oz Chub - also caught at New Barlows on November 3rd 2006.

10lb 8oz carp from Whitehouse in October 2006.

A nice carp from New Barlows - Summer 2006.

A big tench by a small angler from New Barlows - Summer 2006.

3lb+ Perch from New Barlows.